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Recognition to Individuals
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For those of you who have cable or satellite and THE HISTORY CHANNEL
... a founding member of our club.

As described on the website, Enduring Edge, "Ken Netting is one of the most prolific historic weapons makers alive. He specializes in fowlers and other flintlocks. He also excels at creating amazing reproduction knives, hawks and powder horns."
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​Some Photos of Ken's Work Found Online
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​Todd was an apprentice of Ken Netting
(more info to follow)
​Todd Bitler websites
​Some Photos of Todd's Work Found Online
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Websites with Ken's Info

As the above website states, 

Take a Step Back in Time to the Ohio Valley During the 18th Century...

"The owner not only promotes Eastern Woodland Native American history but also makes eighteenth century style weaponry and accoutrements, particularly tomahawks, axes, flintlocks, knives, war clubs and powder horns."

Todd Bitler of Amanda, Ohio, and Lauren Ricciardella, of Butler, portray eastern woodland Native Americans. Bitler spends countless hours recreating authentic clothing and weaponry, from bone inlays in the hand carved war ax to the roach on his head. Rendered bear fat is used as the base for Bitler's body paint. He hand-beaded the leggings, which he brain-tanned himself.
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Bob is a member of OVMLGC. Please use the link to the right to see The Columubus Dispatch Photo